Building Information Modelling

Building Information Modelling

Building Information Modelling (BIM) starts with intelligent 3D modelling and allows for the management, coordination and simulation of documents throughout the entire life cycle of a project (planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance).In addition to allowing BIM design and construction teams to work more efficiently, it also allows them to capture the data they create in a profitable process for operations and maintenance activities. This is why BIM directions are increasing worldwide.

What is BIM used for?

BIM is used to design and document building and infrastructure designs. Every detail of the building is designed in BIM. This model is used for analysis to explore design options and create visualizations that help shareholders understand what it looks like before building it. The model is used to create the design documentation for the structure.


What is the process of BIM?

The BIM process supports creating intelligent data that can be used in the life cycle of a building or infrastructure project.

Inform the project by integrating reality capture and real-world data to create contextual models of the existing built and natural environment.

At this stage, conceptual design, analysis, details and documentation are conducted. The pre-build process starts using BIM data to inform scheduling and logistics.

To build
At this point, the fabrication begins to use BIM specifications. Project construction logistics is shared with traders and contractors to ensure optimal timing and efficiency.

BIM carries out data management into operations and completed assets. BIM data can be used for expensive reconstruction or effective reconstruction on the road.

How BIM is used in your industry
Learn more about how BIM can help you optimize your work and organization processes.

Use intelligent, connected workflows to help improve efficiency attendance, productivity and profitability.

Digitize your construction site and link design information from design to construction and deployment. We offer a comprehensive range of BIM services to the Architectural, Structural, MEP/HVAC & Façade domains for effective pre-construction planning under  one roof