Extra Low Voltage Systems

Extra Low Voltage Systems

ELV means Extra Low Voltage Systems. It includes all systems in the building that operate at low voltages. We at NRB Consultants offer high-end intelligent and low-cost ELV solutions to our customers have no problem using smart devices.

While serving top and innovative ELV solutions to serve clients with improved services, NRB Consultants runs the steps of great partnership, consistent hard work and stabilized professionalism.

Our highly experienced teams provide all the options of project management implementation and support with extensive experience in supplying, installing and launching a range of ELV and security systems from one organization to another.

We provide full end ELV services and installations for Commercial and Residential Constructions, Industrial Complexes, Luxury villas, Airports and to all Building and Constructions etc. Beyond standard client demands, we ensure that our electrical and low current engineers work as coordinated and integrated components of the design process to provide new and custom services to clients who want Avant-Garde Solutions. 


Our services include: – 

  • Structured cabling systems. 
  • Telephone and Data system. 
  • Security systems, Intrusion alarms. 
  • Closed Circuit Television Systems (CCTV). 
  • Public address and Microphone systems.
  • CCTV network with Cameras / Monitors / DVRs using optical fiber networks for large public spaces Access control systems with Bio-metrics. 
  • Attendance management systems with IRIS readers.
  • Turnstiles. 
  • Boom obstacles.
  • Perimeter protection systems .
  • Communication Systems. 
  • Communication network for voice Data network. 
  • Public Address & Voice Systems.
  • Paging Systems. 
  • Code Blue Systems.