Solar Power Engineering Services

Solar Power Engineering Services

Our Solar Power Plant Advisory Division in partnership with international organizations provides consultancy services in installing solar photovoltaic power plants connected to a megawatt-level grid. Two key aspects of proper feasibility study are the experienced assessment team and the coordinated study framework. Usually our range of services are executed in stages as indicated below

  • Techno-economic feasibility study
  • Detailed project report.
  • Design and cache support
  • Project management.
  • Quality control

Solar Power Plant Engineering Purchase and Construction (EPC)
Our Solar Power EPC division specializes in installing Solar Photo-Voltaic (PV) power plants on an EPC or turnkey basis. It implements solar power projects from start to installation and maintenance, uses the best available components and uses sophisticated technological solutions depending on highly qualified professionals.

  • System Design.
  • Site Inspection.
  • Structural and Electrical Design and Engineering.
  • Civil Works.
  • Purchase and Supply.
  • Establishment, Testing and Commissioning.
  • Plant Operation and Maintenance.

Turnkey Solutions for Solar roofs

NRB Consultants brings years of experience in designing and installing Solar Photo-Voltaic(PV) Systems on solar panels. NRB Consultants recognizes that roof spaces on buildings have great potential for energy savings every year. NRB Consultants can provide a full turnkey service for commissioning of feasibility study, engineering, procurement and installation, and can be deployed online as soon as possible and efficiently

NRB Consultants offers solar systems designed to meet the specific needs of aesthetics or location Special requirements may include solar canopy on roofs, closed parking spaces, and closed walkways, bus shelters. 

Project Verticals

Our team has vast and quality exposure in various business verticals with the balanced mix of business management, technology, project‐engineering & execution and techno commercial aspects. This enables us to undertake various project activities briefly enlisted below:


Client’s General Requirements/Expectations in Solar domain

Project Owner s Engineering Consultancy Services to advise, assist and coordinate with the Client’s management and project team on various project activities including:

  • Business Strategy and Modelling –support in decision making.
  • Detailed Project Report with Financial Model.
  • Management consultancy and advisory function on techno‐commercial aspects.
  • Preparation of Project RFP and bidding process for procurement/contracting.
  • Evaluation and selection of technology, suppliers/vendors & EPC contractor.
  • Plant Engineering, design/SLD and layout verification and finalization.
  • Procurement and contracting.
  • Project Management Consulting and Coordination with different agencies such as client management and team, suppliers, vendors, EPC, government departments, etc..
  • Project communication, reporting and follow‐ups.
  • Cost effective and time efficient project completion.
  • O&M Process implementation.

We have the flexibility to customize our solutions in accordance to the client’s requirements and expectations.

Solar Energy–Power Plant & Manufacturing

  • Executive management services.
  • Project assessment and feasibility analysis on the basis of Techno‐economical study.
  • Detailed Project Reports with financials.
  • Project Engineering & Management Consultancy.
  • Owner’s Engineer function.
  • Procurement, Contracting/agreements and project scheduling.
  • Services and solutions for EPC function.
  • Setting‐up Power plants–Grid connected and off‐grid solutions.
  • Setting‐up of Manufacturing facilities for solar cells, modules & related products.
  • Business consulting in setting‐up business around solar energy space.
  • Consulting Services in related business/projects.